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Parenting to Prevent Abuse

Stranger Danger
When you grew up, your mom or dad probably told you not to take candy from strangers, and that was the end of the abuse prevention lesson. Today the research clearly tells us that the great majority of children, perhaps 85% of them, are abused by adults they know and trust. Often these adults are family members, youth group leaders, or other adults who can develop relationships with children over time.

Children need adults to tell them that abuse from anyone, no matter who, is an unsafe secret. Children need to know that sometimes, not often, an adult the family knows and trusts, might try to touch a child's body inappropriately. Children's bodies are their own and they must have the right to determine how their bodies can be treated. Children need to know it is never right for an adult to touch their bodies in a secret way. This information will help to prepare children for body safety throughout their growth and development.

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