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New CAP Projects
new team
New CAP Project - Reading, England.
Team members with Grace Turner (on right)

Reading, England Has A New CAP Project:
During the two years that Grace Turner resided in New Jersey, USA, she was introduced to the CAP program and became a CAP facilitator with the Camden/Burlington County CAP Project. She worked in a wide array of suburban and urban, public and private schools. In her words, the experience was invaluable and initiated a vision to bring CAP to her home town of Reading, England:

“While I was in New Jersey I was introduced to the CAP program and did the training and soon became a CAP facilitator. I worked alongside a fantastic team who really inspired me. I so enjoyed working in the class room with the children. I learnt that teaching children to keep themselves 'Safe Strong and Free' was vital to their well being.”

When Grace returned to the United Kingdom, she realized that there were no programs in the schools in her home town.  She contacted ICAP and began the process of setting up a project.  Over the following months she met with ICAP staff and worked on a plan.  ICAP encouraged Grace to reach out to Devon CAP, which is another British project previously trained by ICAP in 1997.  Because Devon CAP is a flourishing project with much experience it was a perfect match and they agreed to take on Reading CAP.  Grace has also been busy working with many people associated with the local in 'Child Protection' who were very interested in CAP and wanted to know more. Pictured are some of her “core group” that will be starting the pilot.  The pilot for the schools is due to start in the Fall of 2007 and run through January 2008.
“Soon our children here in Reading will know how to keep themselves, 'Safe, Strong and Free'.” – Grace Turner, Director of Reading CAP, England

Reading CAP Recieves Great Reviews From First Schools Implemented

The following was said about the Reading CAP programs by the members of New Christ Church Primary school, Reading, England:

From the School Staff:
“I would like to see this program implemented throughout Reading and beyond.  All children should be given this opportunity”.
“I feel the children in my class have been empowered to stay Safe, Strong and Free”.
“ I thought it was brilliant and very child friendly”

From the Students:
“I wish CAP could come to our school every day, I absolutely love it”
“CAP are the first people that I could talk to”.


new team
New Project team trained in Nova Scotia, Canada in
December, 2006.

Nova Scotia Has A New CAP Project:

Annapolis Valley ICAP Team:
In December of 2006, Jeannette Collins, ICAP trainer and Director of Programs and Curricula, traveled to Nova Scotia to train the first Nova Scotia CAP team. The Regional Supervisor is the Executive Director of The Women’s Place Resource Centre, Della Longmire.  The Coordinators are employees of The Women’s Place Resource Centre: Crisis Support Worker, Marie Howe, and Program Coordinator, Wendy Knowlton.  This team has a Policy Committee for in-house procedure.  This Committee is comprised of the Coordinators, the Administration Coordinator for The Women’s Place Resource Centre, Isa Bishop, and a representative of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Joy Warner. The facilitators include the Coordinators and five dedicated volunteers.  The volunteers are: Shirlee Guy, Sharon Elliott, Dawn Scott, Ivy Verhoeckx, and Constable Dale Guy.

Implementation of ICAP in Nova Scotia:
“This year, we began with one school as a pilot project: Champlain Elementary School.  Overall, the pilot project was an overwhelming success.  Champlain Elementary invited the ICAP Team back for the next school year.  The ICAP Team had a wonderful time with the children, and enjoyed every aspect of the workshops.  Many hours were spent by the Regional Supervisor, the Coordinators, the Policy Committee, and the volunteers of ICAP to implement this program into Champlain Elementary School.  The evaluations speak to the success of that effort.  It is the sincere hope of everyone on the ICAP Team that the children who attend that school will recognize their rights to be safe, strong, and free.” – Wendy Knowlton, Nova Scotia CAP Coordinator


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