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Adult Workshops

Parent Teacher WorkshopsThe three-prong approach to CAP includes adult workshops which generally are separated out into two main groups for staff and parents. Child Assault Prevention adult workshops include the following:

Staff In-service:
A 1 -2 hour in-service given by CAP facilitators for all staff persons involved in a school or agency. The training includes an overview of assault, a detailed explanation of the classroom workshop, information on identification of abused persons, active listening guidelines for dealing with a child in crisis, community resources and referrals for reporting abuse, and legal rights and responsibilities of staff members who report abuse or neglect.

Parent Workshop: A 1 - 2 hour program which includes similar information for adults in the community. The training emphasizes communication skills for discussing assault with children and effective responses for handling a child in crisis. Parents are given a detailed description of the classroom workshops.

CAP also offers other adult workshops. However, availability depends on whether the CAP project in your area carries the certification in particular program. *

Sexual Harassment: a 1 to 2 hour workshop designed to give parents or school staff the opportunity to discuss the definitions of sexual harassment and how they apply to our children. The difference between flirting, inappropriate behaviors, sexual harassment and sexual assault will be considered. Prevention and intervention strategies will be presented and resources for supporting those efforts distributed.*

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety: A 1 2 hour workshop designed with NJ CAP in collaboration with iSafe America*, the national experts on internet safety, will help school staff and parents understand the dangers of peer and stranger assault on the internet. It will also give them strategies to help their students/children be safe and more responsible toward others as they navigate down the internet highway.
* You can contact iSAFE,Inc for additional program material at http://www.isafe.org/ .
 iSAFE, Inc. is a funded through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice to provide cyberbullying and internet safety throughout the United States.

Animal Abuse and its Connection to Child Abuse: A 1 2 hour workshop designed to help professional staff and parents understand the relationship between animal abuse and child abuse. This workshop emphasizes the seriousness of abuse of animals, how it can be a sign of familial violence and what are appropriate actions for school personnel and parents to take.

* The availability of these CAP adult workshops may vary depending on whether your local CAP project is certified in the curricula. Contact the CAP project near you.

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