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Preschool CAP

Preschool children with CAP dolls.

  As the young child is at high risk for victimization, the CAP preschool program sets a strong foundation for ongoing prevention education in each preschooler's life. Program evaluation has determined that the young child does retain personal safety information, and these strategies provide the setting for ongoing self-esteem building and prevention education (Nibert, Cooper and Ford, 1989)

  Preschool CAP is designed for 3 to 5 year old children and takes about 45 minutes a day over three consecutive days.Specially trainedfacilitators presentchildren's rights andpersonal safety issues through the use of pictures, dolls, songs and role-plays. Role-playsdeal with aggression from a bully, a stranger and a known adult. Children participate in the highly interactive format and respond positively to the developmentally appropriate and sensitive curriculum. Each day's workshop is followed by individual review time in the classroom.Preschool CAP Clip


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