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Children's Workshops (Preschool - 12)


Using role-plays or scenarios and guided group discussion, the classroom workshops train children and young people to recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations. The role-plays or scenarios represent the most common assault experiences a child or teen might encounter. CAP emphasizes self-assertion, peer support and communication and reporting skills as prevention strategies. All student workshops are centered on the rights of children and young people to be SAFE, STRONG and FREE.

In all CAP programs, staff and parent workshop always precede children's workshops. This gives the adults in the children's lives an understanding of what CAP will be presenting to their children. The prevention strategies can then also be supported and reinforced in the home and in the classroom.

All classroom workshops have a follow-up session, known as 'review time'. Review time is a basic part of every CAP curriculum. It is a time offered to the students to individually review the strategies with the CAP facilitators.

CAP has curricula for the following classroom workshops:

Preschool CAP
As the young child is at high risk for victimization, the CAP preschool program sets a strong foundation for ongoing prevention education in each preschooler's life.

Kindergarten CAP
Created by early childhood educators, this developmentally appropriate program utilizes pictures, songs and role-plays to educate children on personal safety issues.

Elementary CAP
Using roleplays and guided group discussion, the classroom workshop trains children to recognize potentially dangerous situations, and to make effective use of the options available to them when dealing with such a situation.

Teen Workshops
Teens are a high risk population for violence and abuse because they are twice as likely as an adult to be a victim of a violent crime and they are exposed to more violence than any other segment of our population. The Teen CAP program offers strategies to prevent this violence.

Special Needs
Children with developmental disabilities are especially vulnerable to abuse, assault and bullying, by peers as well as adults.

CAP Assembly Programs
CAP Assembly Programs are available for students (grades 1-6) who have already had individual classroom workshops in a previous year. Based on a game show format, CAP facilitators review the important CAP concepts that were taught during the individual classroom workshops.

No More Bullies, No More Victims
The “No More Bullies, No More Victims” was developed by the NJ Child Assault Prevention (CAP) project, a ICAP Regional Training Center.

Adult Workshops
The three-prong approach to CAP includes adult workshops which generally are separated out into two main groups for staff and parents.

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