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Finding vs. Starting: CAP in Your Community

If you have been looking through our site, you will realize that CAP is not a curriculum to be handed to a teacher for her to figure out how to integrate it into her lesson plan. Instead it consists of a living group of individuals who believe that children of their community should be free from abuse, neglect and bullying. They form a task force and utilize the CAP© curricula  in a school or community setting to teach children and their families how to prevent these ongoing abuses.  

Since you have visited this site, it is likely that you are interested in advocating for children. Perhaps you are also interested in having your children or school participate in a CAP program.  First you should identify whether a CAP project exists in your area or not.  You can do this by contacting ICAP directly at icap@eirc.org  (1-800-258-3189) or going to the projects page. If you find out that there is no local CAP project anywhere in your area you may decide that it is necessary to start one. To do so is no small task but it is greatly rewarding as projects worldwide will attest to. While ICAP does not do the actual organizational development of the local task force, we have extensive experience helping projects get up and running and are willing to provide technical assistance. Letís Get Started to help Children be Safe, Strong and Free.

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