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Develop Support from the Community/ Government:
It is an ongoing task to get both political and financial support from the local, regional and/or state to help fund your new CAP project.  Of course if you are able to get your facilitators to volunteer or perhaps use students and have CAP as part of the course studies, you may not need funds to pay facilitators.  However, as our projects report back to us, this is a rarity and start up funds are an absolute must and planning in this area is wise.   Some projects seek special grants or aid from foundations or trust funds.  Although these might be good start up funds they often can not be relied on to continue funding the project. Many groups procure funding from the local or state government agencies such as departments which govern the health, human or children services in that area.   
Again, varied resources are available:

  1. Service Groups
    Rotary, Jaycees, Lions Club, Civitan, Exchange Club and similar groups are often looking for speakers at their weekly meetings. An invitation to speak at one of these meetings could provide you with an opportunity to introduce CAP to the community. Many of our most successful projects received initial funding and support from such groups.

  2. Local Businesses
    Sponsorship is also a very strong possibility for funding. Many times, businesses provide funding for the initial training, training materials or the site at which the training might be held. They may also “sponsor a school” by covering the cost of workshops for staff, parents and children in a particular community.

  3. Agencies
    United Ways, Catholic Charities, Big Brothers/Sisters, NGOs, mental health associations, counseling centers, etc., may also be a source of funding or funding advice. Often, they are the ones who provide services to children and families and are aware of what is or is not happening in the community. Some of our projects have gotten started by becoming a project within a local community agency. In that way, they are quickly introduced to the community and more easily recognized and respected.

  4. Grants
    Grants continue to be an excellent source of funding for CAP projects. Local government and private sector grants can be a source of short or long term funding. Most metropolitan libraries have directories of foundations and other grant-giving agencies

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