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Many people have started CAP projects “from scratch”. They organized the initial efforts to bring CAP into the community and were part of the implementation process. However, no one has single-handedly initiated, implemented, and maintained a project. ICAP strongly suggests that, from the outset, this be a community based project. It is extremely important it be embraced as a community effort; with community responsibilities and enthusiasm for the importance of this work. As you look at organizing your local resources around CAP, there are a variety of options open to you.

  • Talk with local service agencies including rape crisis centers, women’s resource agencies, counseling and mental health groups. See if any of their staff would be interested in working with you to get this project off the ground.
  • Search for local service groups like Jr. Women’s Clubs, Junior League, Zonta, sororities or church affiliated organizations. They, too, might have members who might be interested in working with CAP. Some might even consider making it a project of their club or organization as a service to the community.
  • Seek support from the PTA, Home & School, PTO or whatever parent group is active in your area. Usually some parents in these organizations have time and will consider working to get CAP in their schools.
Once you have a cadre of helpers, decide where your priorities are and what you want the CAP project to look like. Will it be a individual non-profit or will it be under the auspices of another agency ?  Will you be able to pay facilitators - or will they need to be volunteers? Are you going to include in your long-term goals legislation to ensure continued prevention education for the children in your state or region? All of these issues and more can be addressed as you work with a group of committed community advocates.

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