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Training Setup
  • Plan the TrainingIn communication with the ICAP office, begin to plan the facilitator and administrative setup trainings. (ICAP always uses the Elementary CAP model to setup new CAP projects, as it is a foundational curriculum and training.) This initial training is the “kick off” to actually starting your project and is very important to plan around.  ICAP will work with you as you prepare for the training. ICAP will send one to two certified CAP trainers to conduct the trainings.  Training fees are listed on the separate ICAP Training Fee Schedule. A signed contractual agreement of services is required with the requesting project at least six months prior to the training. This allows adequate time for both ICAP and the new project to prepare for the “kick off” training.
  • Select training dates -  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, approximately six months, from the time you begin the planning to the actual date of the training.  Select the training site.  As you cannot turnkey train others, until you are experienced and certified as a CAP trainer for facilitators, make sure that you have enough people at the initial training that will take you through the pilot year. We recommend no more than forty trainees in an initial training.  Because there is such sensitive material covered in such trainings, it is essential that trainees feel that a personal and confidential setting is provided; one in which there is time to address questions and concerns which doesn’t happen with a large group. 
  • Order Training Materials – Part of the cost of the initial training is for the facilitator and administrative materials  (See ICAP Training Fee Schedule)  Depending on the distance of the country ordering materials from ICAP, orders with ICAP for training materials must be made at least three months prior to the training. Some materials may be emailed. ICAP has several translations of the curricula available to projects.  However, these are limited and new projects may have a need for translations in their own language or dialect (See ICAP Training Fee Schedule for a list of languages used in translation of CAP curricula).  If ICAP does not have the needed language/dialect of curriculum, it is the responsibility of the project to work on the translation for their project. Projects anticipating a need for translation of materials should notify ICAP. 

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